E-Commerce and
Store Order Fulfillment

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Distribution Solution

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3PL Melbourne

Warehousing and Distribution

With over 20 years of experience as a warehousing and distribution solution for Australia's major retailers, we are committed to meeting our client's demands on volatile seasonal delivery schedules and providing the most reliable service available.

- 6,000 Pallet Spaces

- 30,000 Pigeon Holes

- 250,000 Hanging Spaces

- 20 Container Bays (40'/20')

E-Commerce and Store Order Fulfillment

With the rise of E-Commerce businesses, the least of your worries should be investing in systems and hardware to then spend further time and money maintaining them all. Instead, allow us to set you up with our order fullfillment system and hardware that is fully integrated with Australia's delivery carriers.

Our custom range of services will help drive your business forward in the competitive industry.

Logistics Services
In-House Built System and Reporting

We understand the importance of stock visibility, with an in-house built WMS, we are able to provide our clients that extra level of flexibility and ease of access to their own data.

Our in-house IT team can provide customer tailored online reports which you can access live 24 hours a day through our password protected system, with the ability to export into Excel, PDF and .CSV format.